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Are you finding yourself always wondering if the girl is even remotely interested in you?
Are you spending a lot of time scrutinizing and over-analyzing every response and reaction she gives you in order to figure out whether it's worth pursuing?
Well, after today you will never have to wonder again!

She makes the first move
Clearly, if she's showing physical signs of interest, it's clear she's into you. While men are taught to think that we are always supposed to make
the first move, shifting your mindset so that you're open to a woman initiating this contact might surprise you. Women typically set the pace of a date so pay attention to her signals.

Physical Signs
Is she smiling at you? Shooting glances your way? Is she making prolonged eye contact? These are all signs that she's attracted to you.  
Just the same, lightly touching you (and finding any excuse to make physical contact), are also clear signals she's feeling your vibe.
A person who is attracted and interested in you can't help but to show it with body language.

Extends The Date
While this isn't something you'll be able to  detect right away of course, if she seems to want to extend the date or suggests ways to continue the night, you know she's interested. 
So be open and flexible to changes of plans!

She Teases You
As the date progresses, does she start asking you more personal questions? Does she tease you playfully? 
If so, both are signs that she's clearly interested in you and is trying to win you over  with humor and charm.

Self Conscious Signals
One of the most obvious signs that a woman is attracted to you comes in the form of self-conscious signals. These aren't the ones she may even be
aware of but they speak volumes.
If she's playing with her hair, constantly fiddling with her outfit or licking her lips, these are all clear signs that she's seriously attracted to you.
All of a sudden she's painfully aware of all of her insecurities, including the way she looks and whether you are attracted to her as well. 
So pay attention to these clear signals so you can get on the same  page and reassure her through conversation (and your own body language) that you feel it, too.

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